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Our Story - “Even Superheroes Need Sleep”

When Benjamin Hing, our founder, asked his grandmother Sharron 23 years ago how long she slept for at night, her answer painted a picture in his young mind that lasted throughout his entire childhood.

It wasn't until he grew older that he realized, even superheroes need sleep.

The simple question, “How long do you sleep at night, Grandma” was replied to with an answer no child could imagine doing themselves...

“I sleep for about 3 hours, Benjamin”.

As a nine year old boy, Ben thought his grandmother had a super power. A superpower so strong, that she got to have a longer day than most people did.

Little did Ben know at the time, this was exhausting to his grandmother—and she was desperate for sleep.

She would often get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and was unable to fall back asleep afterwards, laying awake in bed for hours.

Eventually, Ben’s grandmother resorted to harsh medicines to fall asleep at night. Dangerous, addictive medicine that can harm the body and have unhealthy side effects.

Ben set out on a mission...he enrolled in medical school.

After graduating from medical school, Ben learned that people with sleep deprivation can be facing dangerous health issues.

Sleep deprivation cause many side-effects such as:

lack of motivation

less energy



• forgetfulness

increased blood pressure

heart disease


This was concerning to Ben. He wanted to help his grandmother, but in an all natural way...using plant medicines.

Combining his medical knowledge with plant-based medicines, Ben started researching and testing countless combinations of all natural ingredients at different doses.

Until he found the perfect formula... OEK Somnia.

OEK Somnia Sleep Gummies was born from that simple conversation 23 Years Ago and the desire to help people sleep in a natural way, using plant-based medicines.

Ben’s grandmother now gets between 6-7 hours of deep sleep per night, with the help of OEK Somnia Sleep Gummies.

Now, Ben’s grandmother wakes up refreshed and energized because she’s getting a more restful, better quality of sleep.

And if she does get up to use the restroom at night— she loves how easy it is for her to fall back asleep.

In the end, Benjamin became his grandmother’s Superhero. ...and all of ours, too!

See Our 5 Star Reviews ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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